Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eye Heart Avery & Baby Bee

I knew that I would be adding 5K's to my race schedule throughout the year, I just wasn't sure which ones, but I just added one tonight. Run For Sight is a local race to benefit the Delta Gamma Center, which helps children with visual impairments, & is on May 1, 2011. Fair enough. I ran it last year for Team Avery, organized by Erin, who I met through the running community, for her daughter Avery Claire. Avery fought blindness & won with the help of the Delta Gamma Center here in St. Louis. Even though Erin & her family have moved out of the state, they are coming back to organize another team to help raise funds for this amazing cause.

NOW... Imagine going to the doctor for your 20 week ultrasound for your third baby. You expect nothing more than to find out the sex of your baby. That's what everyone thinks... No one expects to hear that your baby has a fatal birth defect, that you will have to deliver your baby promptly, & then your baby will die. Every mother's absolute hell on earth comes to mind every time I think about this scenario, & my heart just aches for this family. If you click the link below, you can read more about Erin's story. Even though they are going through this horrible tragedy, they still remember the Delta Gamma Center & the wonderful things they did for their oldest daughter. You can sign up to run/walk for Team Avery / Team Margaret (Avery's little friend) or you can just donate to the cause if you are able.

Did I mention that it's a great course? Downhill? Both ways? ;) But seriously... it really is a great course & is actually the course where I set my current 5K PR. Just do it :)


  1. Parents who go through that are SO strong. I can't even imagine.

  2. It has to be the worst thing in the world.

  3. A parent losing a child at any stage of life is a pain I cannot imagine. A friend lost his 8y/o son this morning to a sudden cardiac arrest.