Sunday, April 29, 2012


After a long, & much needed, break I have once again returned (I hope!) to the racing scene! My life leading up to, & following, my mother's death in October has left me feeling pretty quiet, anxious, sad... I just haven't been myself. I truly did not know what a profound impact grief would have on the physical body. I've had a lot of ups & downs, & have even had some health problems as a result. I know my mom would just be beside herself if she knew that I was hurting this badly, so I have decided to take charge of my own grief & do my best to move on. I would highly recommend that anyone who has a terminally ill loved one (or has recently lost someone) speak with a grief counselor. Even if you think you're OK & you don't need it, you are probably pretty far from OK. Lecture done. :)

So yesterday my husband (who has had to put up with my ever-changing moods & variations of Kerrie) decided that what I needed to do was sign up for a race... & that we could do it together... & that it would be "fun". I thought it was a terrible idea since I've only been running when I feel like it, with no consistency or focus, & I believe my exact words were, "I don't find it 'fun' to go see how out of shape I am." I thought about all the other times he had been right, & eventually I agreed (so as to not lead him to think that he is, in fact, mostly correct... ... ... See what I did there?) He signed us up for the Friends of Kids with Cancer 5K here in town, which is a great organization, & it actually did look like this so-called "fun" he was speaking of. ;)

We got a little warm up jog in while running the course backwards to see what that was about. It was rather hilly & featured an up-hill finish. "Fun". Riiiiiiiiight. Personally, I was thinking of a different "F" word. ;-) We lined up at the start, & I did not see a single stereotypical, fast, runner girl so I put myself behind a few of the guys in front & was ready to go. Glancing over my shoulders, I still did not see any of these girls. Where were they? You know the type: Slender, long legs, sports bra in 40 degree weather, split shorts (or track briefs!), arm warmers... Intimidating! They mean business.

The horn sounded & we were off. I brought no watch, so wasn't sure how I was pacing (& let's face it - it had been a while). I could feel that burning in my throat, where you can feel your heart racing, & I figured I had just gone out a little too fast, but it stayed with me the whole time. Not sure what that was about, but probably just a reminder that I was a little out of shape. I kept waiting for a stray long-legged runner girl to pass me up, but she never did. Sure enough, after 2 hilly loops I crossed the line & knew I had won!!! Generally a time of 22:35 doesn't get you a win. Usually that track brief-sporting runner girl comes in under 19:00 & that's that. Luckily, for me, she never showed up! 

So here we are, post race (hey Bryan, your shoe is untied). I was very surprised not to have gotten a medal, but to receive a gift card to Dick's sporting goods for $100!!! Stoked. I went immediately & got some things, not for running, but for yoga :) One of the things I started doing to manage my stress & grief has been yoga & I love it! I cannot imagine my life without it. It's great for overall strength, balance, & flexibility as well. What did I buy, you ask?

I thought I did pretty well! A yoga top, mat, & sling/strap combo (to carry the mat & to use for deeper stretching), a swimsuit, & some Big League Chew for my kids (& for nostalgia purposes). I would say that this race, & subsequent WIN!, has my new chapter of life off to a great start :) I also choose to publicly admit that my husband is wicked smart, & clearly has my best interest in mind at all times :) Went out & had a blast with old friends last night (love you guys!), & am just going to take today to get ready for the week ahead.

 Remember all those months ago when I said that I wanted to train specifically for the mile? Well it is upon us, & I will be hurling myself around the track with middle school boy-level intensity twice a week until the Macklind Mile on June 30. I am quite looking forward to it, as long distances (& the loooooong training that precede them) do not appeal to me at this time.

Next weekend I'm all set to ride the midi distance at the Vino Fondo Saturday, May 5th. I'm pretty stoked because this is the ride I really wanted to do last year, & couldn't. It's a timed bike ride (though they say not a race) beginning & ending in Augusta, MO. It's going to be a hilly & challenging ride, & I'm not sure how ready I am for it, but I intend to show up & suffer :) I have been training pretty consistently, but my long ride has only been 75 miles (the race is 86.5). We'll see after it all goes down next weekend! Either way, it's a good way to see the beautiful countryside & enjoy the day, so I am looking forward to it. I have a lot to learn on that bike, so I'm sure I'll come back with a lot more knowledge on the subject, if nothing else. So that's it! I'm back :) I hope...

Now the moment you've all been waiting for: cheesy photos of me doing yoga :) Props to my oldest daughter for coming to do yoga with me, & then taking the pics.



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