Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off to a bad start...

Last year I ran my first marathon after having three kids & losing 55 pounds... yada yada here's the link to the story:  Anywhooo, I had such a great time that I decided that just 7 weeks later I would take the ankle express for another 26.2 miles - this time in Indianapolis. Bad idea... I wound up tearing my left rectus femoris (hip muscle) & getting tendonitis so bad in my right leg that I couldn't straighten my foot. You counted right... that's 2 legs out of commission. A few days on a walker, then several weeks in an air cast, followed by several weeks of physical therapy was a huge wake-up call. I'm not indestructable as it turns out. ouch. Also, I know that I can run a stronger marathon (see personal record's below), so I'm anxious to prove that to myself.

Finally, after adding swimming & cycling to my life, I'm able to run pain-free. It's a ridiculously awesome feeling. Problem is, I don't just do things in moderation. Just not my style. I decided that since I was doing so much cycling, & loving it BTW, that I would just go ahead & do a century ride before the season ended. That equals 100 miles, & that is officially a long way to ride. Training went well, until a couple of weeks ago when I made the rookie mistake of riding in cold weather, & rain, without covering my knees. Nothing huge, just some achiness & soreness... that won't go away. The century ride was brilliant! I had no knee pain, just achiness & soreness when it was all over. Bummer is, the run seems to aggrevate it so now I have a dilemma... I'm finally ready to run another marathon. I've got one in my sights. I've started to train for it. Such is life... 26.2 miles is a really long way to run. No really. The guy who did it initially, in Greece or wherever, dropped dead when he arrived. I can't risk a serious injury, & so... I may have to put the brakes on the whole operation. I'm still holding out hope, but... in the meantime, I will continue to swim, bike, and run when prudent. I will continue to show up at scout meetings, bake sales, school conferences, and the like. I will do my best to mingle & mix with regular (read: non-running) people & have meaningful conversations with them about regular things. I will be patient, and I will wait for the run...


  1. What about going back to that same sports dr? He seemed to know his stuff, ask about your knees.

  2. Kerrie, I love this blog, keep it up! You are an ispiration to many, thank you!

  3. Hey Kerri,
    Uncle Jimmy here. I played drums for 20 years on
    the road and it creates a fraction of the impact that running has on you. Ouch!!!
    Pay attention to your body talking.The pain will
    be much less in the future.
    I am proud to know you girl. Love you, J Robinson